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2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Toronto


After three exciting months and 14 different video teasers, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles finally ripped the wrapper off the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon at the New York Auto Show on April 11, 2017. We could almost hear the collective gasps of amazement up here in Toronto and Mississauga.

Those of you dreaming of snagging a Demon in Toronto and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada had better cue up: Dodge is only building 3000 Demons for the U.S. market, and 300 for Canada. Production is slated to begin in late summer, with dealership delivery come autumn. According to Dodge, this street-legal beast will only be available for one year.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but we do know that adding a front passenger seat will cost an extra buck. Want a back seat, too? Add another buck. No word on the cost of adding an optional Harmon/Kardon stereo, but we expect final pricing details soon. We have also been told that every Demon buyer receives a free day of driver training at Bob Bondurant School of High-Performance Driving in Arizona. (Room and board not included.) You'll need it: the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has already been banned by the National Hotrod Association. Why? Because it's too fast to be raced at NHRA-governed facilities without the addition of specialized safety equipment.

The Demon is a groundbreaking vehicle that makes a beautiful marriage of old-school hotrod favourites and cutting edge technology. It's the first production vehicle with a specially calibrated engine control computer that can take full advantage of 100+ octane race gas. Using the separate Demon Crate, which comes with a new powertrain control module (PCM), drivers will be able to run on the high-octane mode with the mere switch of a center stack console button.

It's also the first production car equipped with a transbrake, which locks the transmission so that drag racers won't have to stand on the brakes to prevent creeping. A steering wheel paddle launches this feature with ease.

Here's yet another first for a production vehicle: a liquid-to-air intercooler chiller system that diverts cold air from the air-conditioner loop. An After-Run Chiller cools the supercharger after the engine is turned off.

And then there's the chassis. The Demon offers drivers a crazy-powerful launch with its loosened front suspension, massive drag radial tires and firmer rear springs. Trans brakes from the factory further jack the launch power, along with the two-step ignition timing that pre-fills the supercharger with eight pounds of boost during staging. Drag aficionados will be happy with that math.

A higher stall speed torque converter and 3.09:1 rear-end gearing provide even more torque. With the largest cool-air induction system and the only air-conditioner-powered charge-air cooler currently fitted to a production car, intake temps can drop by more than 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Demon engine definitely out-powers the regular Hellcat with a Demon-designed crankshaft, camshaft, valvetrain, connecting rods, and pistons, along with a larger 2.7-liter supercharger. Dual fuel pumps and the only factory-provided race-gas tuning in the world contribute to the raw speed of this amazing vehicle.

Keen to set up your Demon for maximum drag-strip performance? The car also comes with a special leather-bound Track Tech manual packed with tricks and tips to help you leave fellow drivers in the dust.

Attendees of the New York Auto Show literally saw the unleashed Demon's front wheels lift into the air; Dodge promises it can launch those front wheels 2.92 feet-a Guinness Book record for a production car. Are you sweating with excitement yet?

Let us drive you wild with even more numbers from the carmaker:

-The world's most powerful production line V8 engine, with 840 horsepower and 770 lb-ft of torque.

-World's fastest 0-60 at 2.3 seconds and 5.1 seconds to 100 mph.

-The Demon does a quarter-mile in 9.65 seconds at 140 mph. That makes it the world's fastest production car quarter-mile, as certified by the NHRA.

And, believe it or not, all of the above mind-blowing features are covered by Dodge's three-year, 36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and by the automaker's six-year, 60,000-mile drivetrain warranty.

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