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Trading in your current vehicle is a great way to save some tax on your new vehicle while conveniently selling your current one. Many car owners choose trading-in when they purchase a new car as it eliminates the need to sell your car for cash privately and makes for a seamless transition from their old vehicle to the new one.

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We use the best Automotive appraisal tool in the market called VAuto. It compares your vehicle Year, Make, Model, Trim, KMs, & Options to every single vehicle listed online and give us a real time fair & accurate value of your vehicle. We want and we Need your Vehicle! Please Visit us for a quick, no pressure appraisal of your car, truck, SUV or Minivan.

What is The Trade-in Value of My Car?

One of the most commonly asked questions we get in relation to trading in a vehicle, is how much you will get for it. Whether you are looking for the Jeep trade in value or Ram trade in value in Canada, we have answers. Our trade-in calculator is powered by Carfax Canada, the leader in vehicle appraisals, meaning you’ll get the best rate possible.

How Does Trading-In My Current Vehicle Save Me Tax?

Trading in your vehicle allows you to subtract the value of your trade from the purchase price of your vehicle, meaning that you will pay less tax than if you were to purchase the vehicle without a trade-in. For example, if you trade-in your car for $5000 and are purchasing a $20,000 vehicle, you would only pay tax on $15,000.

Why Should I Trade-In rather Than Sell Privately?

Beyond saving you money on taxes, trading in your car simply makes your life easier. There is no need to worry about showing your car to interested buyers taking up your time and allowing for unnecessary risks during the transaction. You might be able to get more money from a private sale but at Ontario Chrysler, we will offer you a fair value for your trade-in while also saving you tax. We do this while also reducing your need to interact with strangers and use your valuable time cleaning, listing and showing the vehicle.

Why Choose Ontario Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram?

At Ontario Chrysler, we know that trading in your current vehicle is a great way to help you get into a new one that you absolutely love. Whether you are looking to learn the car trade-in value that you qualify for or simply want to learn how trading in your current vehicle can save you money, we are always here to help.

Contact us today to discuss your current vehicle as well as learn more about the vehicle you are hoping to buy. Whether you are looking for a new Ram 1500 or a new Jeep Wrangler, we would be pleased to walk you through the process of trading in your current vehicle to get yourself into your dream vehicle.