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More than 50% of the population of Timmins is bilingual, making this Ontario city on the Mattagami River a popular place of residence for Francophones in the northeastern part of the province. Lumber and mining are two of the top industries in the region. In the last census, 41 788 people called this city home. The city's west end is undergoing something of a renaissance in the retail sector. Quite recently, the mayor announced that the city had more jobs than people. Ironically, Timmins was once a company town for the Hollinger Mine, and is named after its founder, Noah Timmins.


It isn't exactly the most multicultural city in the province: the population breakdown is 91.1% Caucasian, 7.7% aboriginal, and 1.2% other visible minorities. That said, tourists from all over the world come to Timmins to experience snowmobiling, braving some very cold temps to do so. Summers aren't known for being long or particularly hot up there, but the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors is seized by many.


And, in case you didn't already know, Timmins is the hometown of country singing superstar Shania Twain.


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