10 Aftermarket Modifications & Upgrades Every New Dodge Ram 1500 Owner Should Buy | Ontario Chrysler

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We know you love your Ram 1500s, Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville drivers. Imagine ramping that love up even more with these ten awesome modifications and upgrades. Read on, and then come see us at the dealership to find out what we can do for your Ram 1500

Air intake
Performance air intakes offer the Ram 1500 a couple of sweet perks: they add a nice roar to the engine as you cruise, and they give the pickup a nice boost. The performance air intake throws more air at the engine, giving the system more power and efficiency—who doesn’t want that? 
Performance Chip
Did you know that the actual power of your pickup has been dialed back at the factory to meet certain regulations? Yep, it has a lot more kick than you may realize, and the addition of the performance chip allows you to override those factory pre-sets. With great power comes great responsibility, not to mention fun.
Custom Exhaust
The exhaust system on your Ram 1500 has been tuned down for a polite purring ride. But we know that some Ram drivers prefer to make a statement when they hit the streets. Not only does a custom exhaust upgrade turn heads as you pass by, it ups the torque on your truck and enhances its capabilities. Win, win.
High Performance Brakes
Those of you who plan on doing a lot of long-term heavy duty hauling will want to opt for this upgrade, which protects the integrity of the brakes under increased load and heat situations. Brakes are one of the most important safety features on a vehicle and it pays to make sure your brake system matches the demands placed on your Ram 1500. 
Suspension System
Jack it up and let them see you coming with a suspension lift kit. Not only does this improve your clearance in off-roading situations, but it tightens the feel of your ride. 
Step bars
You might be used to climbing in and out of your truck, but some of your passengers might need a hand up. Step bars are also great if you’ve opted for the suspension lift above. They add a groovy (and welcoming) look to your Ram 1500, too. 
Grille Guard/ Bull Bar
You want to protect your Ram’s front end no matter how rough and tumble things get. On the job site, in the bush, a grille guard/bull bar can give you the added buffer that protects your investment. Plus, grill guards give your truck that don’t-mess-with-me vibe.

Stylish Wheels

The stock wheels are nice enough, but swapping them out for something that speaks to your own personal vibe is a great way to make your truck stand out from the crowd. With so many wheel styles available, you can be sure to find something that says, “This is MY truck.” 
Rugged Tires
While you’re upgrading your wheels, why not consider which tires would really work for your lifestyle. Want to go wild on the back trails? Consider an aggressive tread pattern and the specialized flexible rubber that allows for grip on uneven terrain. More interested in handling sharp curves on the pavement? Performance tires can make that happen. 
Light Right
If your Ram 1500 model didn’t come with fog lights, consider this upgrade that allows you to tackle diverse weather conditions with added confidence. Another popular upgrade in the lighting department is to switch to LEDs, which throw a strong clear light as well as giving your truck a sleek, modern look.
We’d love to work with you on some or all of the above upgrade options for your Ram 1500. Customizing an already-fantastic vehicle is a great way to kick off summer. Thinking of embracing the Ram 1500 magic? Come see us at Ontario Chrysler