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As our loyal customers already know, Ontario Chrysler has a truly terrific sales team.  And we’re especially proud to announce that our very own Constantine Stamatiou AKA Costa, has been named 2016 Top Sales Consultant in the country! The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Performance Institute FCA rewards the Sales Excellence demonstrated by the top 25 performers in Canada from each Business Centre as well as the nation’s overall top performer. Dedication, a positive attitude and good old fashioned hard work have landed Constantine top spot as a Certified Sales Consultant.

What’s his secret weapon? Building great customer relationships. Sounds simple enough, but it requires really listening to each customer, whether they’re buying a big pick-up truck or something smaller. Customers return with repeat business because he not only provides them with quality information during all stages of the sales transaction, but he also follows up after the sale.   

He also credits taking each Sales Consultant Certification course as it arises throughout the year, rather than trying to cram all that new knowledge into December. Continuous learning and a positive approach to each and every customer is obviously a winning combination. We are extremely proud to have Constantine Stamatiou on the Ontario Chrysler sales force. Enjoy those well-deserved Bonus Performance Points, Constantine! We greatly appreciate your skills and dedication to the Ontario Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 's family.    

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