2018 Chrysler Pacifica & Google | For Sale in Toronto, Mississauga | Ontario Chrysler

530 × 298
Ride-hailing service, Waymo has ordered thousands of Chrysler Pacifica hybrid vehicles as they expand their reach in the USA. Waymo is part of Alphabet’s autonomous fleet of self-driving vehicles, fully focused on reducing fatalities caused by driver choice and error. Yet another reason to get behind the wheel of a Chrysler Pacifica, for sale now in Toronto and Mississauga, and see why it’s such an impressive option in the hybrid category. 

Drivers in Toronto and Mississauga are familiar with the challenges of navigating safely with due respect paid to the pedestrians and cyclists who share our roads. Waymo has dedicated years of research and development to real-life traffic situations faced by both drivers and cyclists with the passionate aim of reducing fatalities on North American roads. Speed, alcohol consumption and distraction are the top causes of major accidents on streets and highways, and the Alphabet research team wants to educate drivers as soon as possible to reduce these stats and make roadways safer for all. We’d love to show you our Pacifica inventory and invite you to drop by the showroom at Ontario Chrysler, where safe, reliable vehicles are top priority for us. 

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