2019 Dodge Barracuda in Production? | Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton

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Doesn’t the name Barracuda make you just want to throw some classic Heart on the stereo and hit the expressway? Here at our showroom in Toronto, serving Brampton and Oakville, we’re just as revved as you are. The rumours of a Dodge Barracuda have been brewing for years, and there have been as many stories about what to expect as there have been dismissals of those same rumours. Suffice it to say, the mere possibility of a Barracuda from Dodge has a great many people very excited. 
The original Barracuda was a Plymouth Valiant, not a Dodge at all. But FCA has been toying with the possibility of a revamp, even if the name Barracuda may not make the final cut. Traditionalists did not respond well to the notion of calling it a Barracuda if it looked, well, nothing like a Barracuda. It seems likely that whatever zippy Dodge name they decide to apply, it’s going to be a high-interest vehicle. Dodge is becoming known for last-minute reveals and lots of secrecy around new models, so for now, fingers crossed and let’s hum a few bars of the rock tune while we wait, shall we? 
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