2019 Dodge Durango SRT with Redeye Engine | Toronto, Mississauga

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Dodge created the fastest Durango you’ll ever see for the One Lap of America Cross Country Race. They dropped a 797 HP supercharged V8 engine from the Challenger Redeye neatly into the Durango. In addition to the engine, Dodge also upgraded the Durango’s suspension, brakes and tires and gave it a light bar and a siren. Because, why not, Brampton, Barrie Oakville?

Dubbed the Durango SRT Pursuit, but nicknamed the Speed Trap, the one-off was designed by SRT Engineering. The 6.2 Litre V8 is a whopping 322 HP zippier than your typical Durango and boasts 707 lb-ft of torque. The standard torque split is 40/60, but in track mode it’s 30/70.

The Durango has also boasts Kooks long-tube headers, high-flowing catalytic converters, and a catback exhaust system. It was also gifted with Mopar lowering springs and new wheels with 305/35ZR20 Pirelli P Zero tires. And because brakes are always good, Dodge added larger, two-piece, vented front brake rotors from Brembo.

The Pursuit was specifically made for the One Lap of America Race, but don’t you just wish they’d made at least a couple more? The race was started by the late Car & Driver writer Brock Yates and involves teams driving through eight states and racing at seven tracks along the route. The 3,000 mile loop starts and finishes at Tire Rack’s headquarters in Indiana, and includes tracks like Road America and the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park.

The race takes place May 4th to 11th. Oh to be a passenger in that little excursion!

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