2019 Dodge Ram 1500 DT | Toronto, Mississauga | Ontario Chrysler

700 × 402
There’s nothing like a Ram 1500. It’s like a sleek mountain goat on steroids: nimble, muscular and yet, still playful. The 2019 Dodge Ram DT takes one of your favourite trucks and keeps on giving you reasons to love it. Our Toronto and Mississauga drivers are going to go crazy for the re-design. All the good stuff, made better.

The crosshair returns, with gusto. Taillights are a bit smaller and integrated into the grille, which has also been reduced a little for better aerodynamics. You’ll see the new horizontal fog lights set into the bumper, and a flatter center console, freeing up more space. Between lighter materials and the upgrade to a Pentastar engine, fuel economy is improved. Gone are the days when a pickup truck was an automatic gas-guzzler. Efficiency is king of the road for drivers, but not everyone wants a teeny tiny compact on the open road. (We’re cool if you do, but right now we’ve got the 2019 Ram 1500 DT on our minds.)

You might want to resolve to get yourself a 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 DT to kick the new year off right. Come see us at Ontario Chrysler and let us know what other resolutions you’ve made. 

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