2019 Jeep Cherokee For Sale in Toronto, Mississauga at Ontario Chrysler


We’re happy to announce that the 2019 Jeep Cherokee is now available at Ontario Chrysler located in Mississauga and serving All the Greater Toronto Area including Brampton, Hamilton and Oakville. We will start receiving them in the first quarter of 2018, and we want to share our excitement with you. 

Rocking a slightly more conservative look, this is still very much the Jeep Cherokee you’ve come to love. Gone are the split headlights that had some haters—they’re merging them into one unit on each side. The Cherokee now looks a little more like the rest of the family, echoing the Compass and Grand Cherokee. There’s a slightly rounder front bumper and grille with a bit of that old school pointy look that keeps this crossover fully identifiable as a Cherokee.

In the rear, that big-slab back hatch is now broken up by the relocated license plate mount. Some say it makes the tail look a little less bulky. In the space left by the former license plate position, you’ll see a faux skid plate. The redesign is subtle, but response to the exterior changes has been super positive.
In terms of the middle and the interior, there are no major changes we can see. Jeep’s been tight with the release of details, showing pics here and there and not a lot else. News about mechanical changes should be out very soon, and there’s some buzz about more efficient powertrain options being part of the redesign.


We’ll share everything we know with you about the 2019 Jeep Cherokee. Come see us at Ontario Chrysler today.

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