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2019 Ram 1500 Impressive Story | Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton

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I was on the phone with my 87-year-old father this morning, rapping about many of the vehicles he has owned throughout my lifetime.  My favorite was our 1969 Plymouth Satellite which later became my first car. It was the coolest car on the block. If you’d ever met my father—a rather Amish-looking gentleman—you would have wondered if his horse and buggy had broken down and some teenager had loaned him his car. That car brings back some pretty emotional memories for me and I wish I still had pictures of it. I am sure you have your favorite vehicle nostalgia you could drum up, too, Oakville, Burlington and Barrie.

My father’s all-time favorite automobile is his current truck. A 1997 Ram 1500 with over 350,000 KM on it. Still runs like a charm, pulls like a team of oxen and takes his granddaughters to the dump and back in style. Well, they think so, anyway. They love that thing. As with all of his past vehicles, he babies it by refusing to drive it over 90 KM/hr and it will likely still be around to haul him from the funeral home to the graveyard. Slowly, though, because there really isn’t any need to rush.

So, when I was reading a Detroit Free Press article: 2019 Ram 1500 can move grown men to tears—and here’s why, by Phoebe Wall Howard, I could understand those feelings.

Howard, herself, owned a small Toyota standard truck and reminisces on what the gears sounded like and how she felt her truck was her ticket to freedom.  “I bought it used and felt like it could take me anywhere, forever,” she says. “I drove down dusty farm roads through the California heartland and I helped friends haul stuff when they moved.”

We’re all used to having fond memories of our vehicles that may bring a tear to the eye, but while test-driving a 2019 Ram 1500, she encountered tears of a different sort. Pure, unadulterated tears of envy.

A contractor slipped into her vehicle and found himself caressing the interior like a long lost lover. She writes:

       “Omigosh,” he said, shaking his head side-to-side. He had a truck. He owned more

       than one, actually. But he didn’t have the 2019 Ram 1500. “This is too beautiful. I don’t

       know that I could use it the way it’s built to be used,” the contractor whispered.

Gone is the old model interior style and replacing it is something much more functional and occasionally luxurious. Motortrend’s truck of the year has won many accolades for best interior. 

“Climbing into the Ram 1500, a pick-up truck loyalist takes a deep breath and savors the aroma. It’s like a baseball glove with beautiful stitching,” Howard says.

The 1500 also boasts a splashy stereo system and safety features like adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring and automated back-up trailer assist. It also offers the convenience of an outlet to plug-in tablets and a wireless phone charger.

While the elegance of this truck might make you think it would fit into the upper crust class, the 1500 makes no bones about showing you how tough it really is.

“I took the thing over rocks and through the snow in Northern Michigan. Yes, I even drove along two tracks in a remote area of Luther filled with deer hoping to survive hunting season. The Ram 1500 drove like a Benz. It was smooth, baby. Like Macallan single-malt scotch whisky.”

Her story goes on to extol the 1500’s other virtues like backseat leg room and ample space for five passengers. The Ram 1500 automatically takes cares of highway aerodynamics by lowering itself to hug the road. The ability to also lower the truck manually is helpful for getting people with some accessibility issues in and out of the vehicle and for getting your stuff out of the bed.

“As for towing, you feel like you could tow a three-bedroom house. Potholes feel like thimbles. Coffee doesn’t even splash in the cup holders,” Howard says.

For those people who believe a vehicle is either for esthetics or for brute power, and never the twain should meet, Howard disagrees. “The Ram 1500 proves you don’t have to choose between strength and beauty.”

I am guessing my father won’t be talked out of his 1997 Ram 1500, but if you’re into a tough truck that can also take you to a wedding in style and grace, the 2019 Ram 1500 was built for you.



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