360-Degree Virtual Reality Tested With Ferrari at Formula 1

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Imagine you just won the lottery and could check off one more item on your bucket list as you sit beside your favourite Formula One driver in your favourite Ferrari model. Well, drivers in Toronto and Mississauga will soon be able to experience something very close to that, in the futuristic 360-degree Virtual Reality live stream video being planned from Formula One.
Virtual Reality is one of the most exciting technological advancements being introduced and used in the automotive world. Last weekend, a 360-degree VR camera was seen attached to a Ferrari at the famous race track. The test marks the first time that Virtual Reality technology was seen used by some of the fastest drivers in the world while practicing for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - in this case, by the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team.
Formula One has been in the news lately for its expected future change in ownership, with Liberty Media projected to purchase Formula One in a two-stage purchase for $8.5 billion dollars. Now the great racing extravaganza is on the vanguard by its utilization of what was believed to be a 360fly 360-degree VR camera attached to a Ferrari, secured onto the area of the car's upper nose.
The all-electric Formula E series has already used 360 Virtual Reality cameras during its races and captured magnificent footage of its all-electric racing series.
Check out this virtual reality experience!
The world will probably get a chance to experience something just as exciting from Formula One in the very near future. 360 Virtual Reality is fast transforming the automotive industry, and the benefits of experiencing a vehicle, its ride, and now even a Formula One race, are hard to beat. Liberty Media has expressed keen interest in delivering a new one-of-a-kind streaming service of live 360-degree views of Formula One races.
It doesn't get much better than experiencing a Formula One race from the top of your favourite racer's car - all you need are VR goggles and to get ready for it to come your way.

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