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Any Android Phone Becomes a Dashcam with Nexar

639 × 360

Nexar is an Android app that can transform any Android 4.1 or later, with a rear camera, into an artificial intelligence-powered dashcam. And Toronto drivers know how important a dashcam can be to record those fender benders!

Most cars don’t automatically come equipped with a dashcam to record accidents. With the Nexar app you get a lot more than a video recorder though – there’s a host of cool gagetry including GPS tracking, speed and direction recording and even proximity warnings. Truly luxurious as well as pretty convenient, your dashcam could prove to be very essential retroactively.
The only thing to be aware of with the Nexar app is its battery drain problem, since running the softwares, gyroscopes, GPS and cameras can use up a huge amount of battery power. A good solution for this can be to use one of your old cell phones that is out of date. 
Nothing could be better than having a recording of an accident in every detail, should you need to be covered in case of either insurance or a potential lawsuit. What’s great about the app is that only the latest video is stored in your app, since it’s stored dynamically. A great feature is that Nexar can run in the background if you like to use your phone for music or navigation.

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