Bring Your Keys, Please

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Ryan Negri’s wife Amy sounds like one heck of a co-pilot and good sport. Cruising through Red Rock Canyon in their Tesla Model S, hoping to snap some photos of fresh snowfall, the Negris pulled over and exited the car. The doors locked automatically behind them, as programmed. But with zero cell reception, six miles from home in the desert, this was not a good situation. Without a cell signal, the keyless control app was completely non-functional. Ryan had unlocked and started the car with his phone without any problems back home, but now the couple could not unlock the car nor start it.

Superhero Amy ran for two full miles till she could catch cell reception and call a friend, who retrieved their key fob from home. Had they been any deeper into their road trip, even this solution might have proved difficult.

Wireless key technology has been pretty successful thus far, but carmakers using keyless control apps for iPhone and Android might want to give drivers a clear warning when it comes to leaving home for more remote locales. Bring the actual keys, just in case. As much as we all love our apps and new tech, it’s good to remember that sometimes, Mother Nature is still very much in charge.

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