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Back Compare 2020 Ford F150 vs 2020 Ram 1500 Trucks | Canada

Compare 2020 Ford F150 vs 2020 Ram 1500 Trucks | Canada

By Kelly Wilk


Lets talk trucks, better yet lets talk two kinds of trucks, and no one does full size pickup trucks like our friends at RAM and Ford. The stellar vehicles I would like to compare are the F-150 Sport 2.7-liter turbo-6 and the Twin-Turbo 3.5-liter V-6 to the RAM 1500. Lets break it down for our prospective consumers in Brampton, Barrie, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, Peel and Burlington to help with a little comparison-shopping.


I imagine these guys like powerful, weighty sumo wrestlers. In one corner the F-150 Sport and Twin-Turbo-6 tag team for this match. In the other corner is the RAM 1500 and if they are squaring off it must be said that neither of these big, heavy trucks make handling a dream. Although if you consider trucks the size of the F-150 and the RAM they do a respectable job in terms of their height and weight. So where do they size up, lets get nit-picky.


Hauling Capacity


  • Ford-150 can haul a trailer more than 13000 pounds, or more if you add in a turbo-diesel engine.


  • RAM 1500 hauls up to 12,750 however their fuel consumption is much less than Ford F150


  • However these trucks with their turbo diesel engines create an impressive range but it also lowers the towing capacity not to mention raising the price.


Air Suspension


  • Ford-150 has a more conventional axel system, making the suspension a bit soft, which can get a little bouncy on uneven pavement not to mention when taking the road less travelled.


  • RAM 1500 however has a much more stiff air suspension system that makes of a smoother ride.


Safety Rating


  • Ford in general has made its mark as the standard in safety on its proud full sized trucks but they could not do as well as the RAM 1500 in its safety rating.


  • RAM 1500 was awarded the IIHS’ Top Safety Pick+ award, a vehicle rating that looks both at the crashworthiness or how well it protects its occupants in a crash, and crash avoidance and mitigation which is the technology on the truck that prevents crashes. They generally have good crash test scores but RAM 1500 hit that one out of the park with its model boasting LED headlights and automatic emergency braking, making this truck pretty much the safest truck on the planet. However that security does come with the higher price tag of the more expensive models.



Interior Configuration


  • Ford-150 is a classic, what can I say? There is nothing like a little nostalgia when driving a truck. It is still available in the good old two-door regular cab trim, decked out with roll up windows, vinyl flooring, and an FM radio. However they don’t limit themselves to this dated décor, as an extended cab model is available in the four-door crew cabs comfortably seating up to six adults, cloth or leather upholstery, a touchscreen that interfaces with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as heated and cooled seats.


  • RAM 1500 also has the four-door crew cab model, with lots of options and configurations including Apple Car Play, Android Auto, Auto Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, E-Torque, 360 Camera, collision warning & more. Also Featuring perfunctory cloth and plastic for durability is one thing, but with the Laramie Longhorn and Limited models they instead sport soft leather, actual wood and metal, a large 12 inch touchscreen that can even be operated wearing work gloves!


Fuel Economy


  • Ford-150 has about an average fuel economy. This has been helped by the construction of lighter weight trucks and more efficient engines but there is still room for improvement as the rumour of a hybrid Ford-150 is still in the preverbal wind until further details are released.


  • RAM 1500 on the other hand has already motored past this check-point, however the improvement to fuel economy has only been marginal with the electrification of the RAM 1500 even though it is actually classified as a hybrid pick up truck.


All things considered the Ford-150 and the Dodge RAM 1500 are certainly neck and neck in places but either way when you climb into one of these babies you will enjoy the perks, features and trusted elements of two of the best trucks on this here green earth.





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