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Custom Jeep Wrangler for Sale by a Celebrity for $109K!

Have a spare $109,000 U.S. to spend? If so, then do I have a deal for you! Well, not me exactly, but Tyrese Gibson does.  According to TMZ, the American singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and model is selling his souped up Jeep Wrangler to the highest bidder.

Tyrese cofounded Voltron Motors, after investing in the company that fancied up two Jeeps for the movie Fast and Furious 8. When he came on board, Tyrese was gifted with a pretty fine piece of Jeep Wrangler automobile.

Want the skinny on it? It’s got a supercharged V6 producing 325 HP and pushes 300 lb-ft of torque. As they say, everything’s in the details. Here are a few of the included upgrades:

  • Matte white exterior
  • Lift kit
  • Rhino rack
  • Two-piece rebel sportback hardtop
  • GD3 Grid off-road wheels
  • Power running boards
  • Front trac bar
  • Fab Fours grill, fender and bumper
  • Custom suede headliner
  • 500-watt subwoofer amp

Sound appealing? Then get your offer in. If you fancy a little more down-to-earth in your ride, then why don’t you check out our new Jeep inventory instead?

Where can I service my Jeep Wrangler in Toronto or Mississauga? 


Ontario Chrysler located on 5280 Dixie Road, Mississauga, services and repairs all trim levels of the Jeep Wrangler. Our technicians specialize in taking good care of your baby. Call us at 905-625-8095 or go to to book your appointment. 

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