Demon News Gets Better & Better

Click here to Download the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Ringtone "ifyouknowyouknow"

Need a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon news fix? So do we. We feel your anticipation as you wait along with us in Mississauga and Toronto for the release of this incredibly exciting car. Stoked doesn't even cover it, right? The latest bulletin from the carmaker describes a straight-from-the-factory trans brake feature. Yep. If you don't already know, that's the magic key that gives an automatic transmission car a blistering launch from the starter line. Add that to the positively delicious roar of the car’s launch mode and yes, we’re sweating with you. We cannot wait to see this Demon in all its showroom glory, not to mention on the road. Production vehicles don’t usually offer this type of torque reserve feature. While you wait, you can download this ringtone and drive yourself a little bit crazy as the days clock toward the big Demon reveal at the New York Auto Show.

Here’s our point-form checklist so far of what’s whipping up our appetites for the Demon: It’s gonna’ be a widebody, but one that has the potential to be 200 pounds lighter than the notorious Hellcat; it features superwide street legal drag radial tires with 15% larger tire contact patch. Drag-ready torque offers a 35% higher launch force than the Hellcat, and a ram-air hood scoop and “Air Catcher” headlamps will give it a retro drag race feel. There’s the just-mentioned trans brake and Race Gas features and something about a box of drag-friendly goodies to shall we say “enhance” driver enjoyment of the car should he or she find use for the Drag Mode feature...Is it April yet?? Do what we do to cope with the suspense here at Ontario Chrysler and just keep studying the Demon news and watching the teaser videos.

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