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Dodge Challengers: Not Just for Dudes Anymore | Toronto and Mississauga

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I’m a peaceful kind of gal on the road, but I do love a good car chase in a movie. And writing about the limited-edition Dodge Challenger Demon as the excitement built up toward it’s release last year was definitely fun as well as educational. As I drove back and forth between Hamilton, Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton, I began to notice just how many Dodge Challengers there were on the roads. And not all of them had guys behind the wheel. While the Charger gets quite a lot of play in films and on TV, the Challenger is equally tantalizing for a bunch of reasons. And women? These legendary “muscle” cars aren’t just for teenage boys anymore.  

Who drives Dodge Challengers?

In 1969, Dodge's target audience for the Challenger was young, affluent buyers (male) who wanted a bigger, more luxe, and pricey pony car. The high-performance R/T model hit the line offering three engine choices, and horsepower starting at 375. Available as a two-door hardtop coupe or convertible, the Challenger was a head-turner from day one, not to mention an instant SRT classic. The demographic has widened since then, with a median age of 43 for purchasers and an increasing number of women showing a strong interest in Challengers. Could it be the Hellcat moniker? I’m guessing it has more to do with the fact that women no longer have to wait for their husbands to pick out the car they’ll drive. And while the Dodge Challenger is by no stretch of the imagination a “lady car,” it IS designed by a woman, Alison Rahm, who also happens to be a Canadian. As one of the chief design engineers at FCA, she designs the Dodge Charger, too. And, while we must all respect established speed limits no matter what our gender, let it be said that need for speed is not just a guy thing. See: Leah Pritchett.  

What’s surprising about the Dodge Challenger?

Yes, this is a car that can go very, very fast. You knew that already. But did you know about the astounding leg-room, comfort features and ample trunk? This is a perfect car for a road trip, whether its girls’ weekend at the cottage or a cross-continent adventure to escape the cold. It’s even suited to toting the kids to and from hockey practice. (That stinky bag goes in the trunk, sealed off from humanity, also a bonus that a minivan can’t offer!) Women are natural multitaskers, and this car suits a wide range of moods and tasks.

What safety features does the 2019 Dodge Challenger offer?

Whether you want this car for your very own or you’re thinking of gifting it to one of your offspring, it’s good to know that it comes loaded with safety features. These include: anti-lock brakes, which increase the vehicles ability to turn while braking. Stability control senses when the vehicle’s handling limits have been exceeded. This prevents the driver from losing control by reducing engine power as well as applying select braking. Front-impact airbags for both driver and passenger are designed to protect the head during a frontal crash, while side-impact airbags protect the torso in the event of a collision. Overhead airbags are another safety bonus. Seatbelt pretensioners and anti-whiplash features increase your feeling of safety as well.

Can you drive a Dodge Challenger in the snow?

It’s a valid question in Ontario and the answer is a resounding YES. Driving in ice and snow is all about the tires, my friends. No matter what car you choose, quality winter tires are an important factor in how that vehicle handles. The 2019 Dodge Challenger isn’t just for cruising up and down the beachfront strips in summer. Having a chat with one of our tire specialists at Ontario Chrysler can allay any concerns you have about how your new Challenger does on winter roadways.  

Where can I test drive the 2019 Dodge Challenger in Mississauga?

Ontario Chrysler is Dodge Challenger Headquarters, whether you’re looking for new or pre-owned inventory.

Where is Ontario Chrysler located?

Ontario Chrysler is located at 5280 Dixie Road in Mississauga, Ontario.

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