Drivers Get a Big Surprise While Test Driving a Jeep Cherokee

When you test drive a vehicle, you want to find out
how it handles all kinds of situations. But usually, you can't take an off-road
test drive. That is, until the Jeep brand gets ahold of the roads. In the video
below, they take people out for an unusual test drive in a Jeep
to show them what it can do in off-road conditions.

As you see in the video, the Cherokee has no
problem with a change in weather or terrain. All you need to do is turn the SelecTerrain
knob to adjust the traction to match the conditions, and the Cherokee will take
care of the rest. Here at Ontario Chrysler, we think this is
a great feature to have for all your adventures and even just for the drive to
work on a snowy day.

To try out this fearless vehicle, pay us a visit at
our Mississauga, ON dealership. We would be more than happy
to set you up in a Jeep
for a test drive.

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