Electric Cars Must be Noisy After September 2019 By Law

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Aside of the muscle car driver, most of us value the peace and quiet of a smooth drive riding in our favourite vehicle. But quietness may be overrated when it comes to cars in general, and electric cars in particular. Although Toronto and Mississauga drivers might assume that a peaceful ride in an electric car would be the coolest thing ever, in reality it’s a noisy car that is preferable. And as soon as September 2019, in the U.S. electric cars will have to make noise by law.
This new law enforced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is all about ensuring the safety of everybody. If you drive an electric car, pedestrians have to be able to hear you coming down a city street so that they can get out of the way. On a road or highway, other drivers have to be able to hear you so they can adjust their own vehicle’s operation to ensure their safety as well as yours and everyone nearby.
There are a lot of considerations in buying an electric vehicle, and the innovative Model 3 by Tesla is a great example of all of the benefits that an electric car offers. Among the electric cars currently making noise are the Kia Soul EV and the Nissan Leaf that make noise when the cars go under 18 miles an hour.  That is the designated speed an electric car will be able to go, after September 2019, under which it will have to emit substantial sound. The rule is estimated to prevent over two thousand injuries each year.
Vehicle sounds are so important to our understanding of cars that car chase scenes in blockbuster movies have specially-created authentic vehicle sound effects made by highly-specialized sound engineers. That says a lot about sound and cars. Contact us to find out more!

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