Everything You Need to Know About the Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Jeep Grand Cherokee parked in the driveway of a Mississauga home

Sophistication thy name is Grand Cherokee. Of all the Jeeps on the road today there is one that is becoming legendary in its own right for its reliable Jeep brand capability. The New Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV has won the most awards of any SUV of it kind. It is known for its luxurious features, comfortable seating, game changing technology, 70 standard, and available security features as well as award winning options for engines. This is including active systems that monitor your safety moment to moment with real time performance, communication and navigation data. This includes the following:

Connective Software

  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • Hands free Uconnect Communication
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio
  • SiriusXM Guardian
  • SiriusXM Travel Link and Traffic
  • Four remote USB ports
  • In-vehicle 4G WiFi Hotspot

Loaded with technological features of modern convenience this only serves to make the comfortable and sumptuous Grand Jeep Cherokee even more impressive. While streaming your favourite music, charging your smart phone, monitoring the traffic ahead and using the voice command you will enjoy the trappings of a car with the title of the Most Luxurious Vehicle in its Class. The Summit is the top of the food chain in the Grand Cherokee pyramid.

The seats first of all are well-cushioned, quilted full leather, all with available warming. It also has premium leather wrapped doors, centre console, glove box door, instrument panel, steering wheel and armrests. If its not too glib I’d say Grand Cherokee has it covered! However the splendour and comfort of the silky soft interior and real open-pore wood inserts are no joke, it is the legitimate lap of luxury. Even the multimedia centre is a classy chip off the old block. Elegant in appearance the 8.4-inch full colour touch screen accented by a Piano Black surrounding it.

Black Jeep Grand Cherokee Leather Interior

Speaking of multimedia and entertainment the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been fitted with premium Harman/Kardon Sound. This 825 power watt speaker system delivers surround sound quality. It also has active noise cancellation, which comes standard on the Summit and available on the Overland, SRT and Trackhawk editions. The Alpine Premium Sound System also has nine speakers to maximize acoustics and a ten-inch subwoofer to really give it the surround sound quality. All you need in there is a stage and you have yourself a dance party!

To add to this smorgasbord of entertainment technology the folks at Jeep thought, why not throw in an available Blue-Ray DVD system? It also plays regular DVDs. This system uses duel nine inch high-resolution screens on the backs of both front seats for young passengers you may have to tote around. And don’t despair, for those long road trips when Disney movies are getting a little old they can use the two sets of headphones that have independent HDMI and RCA inputs for both screens.

The exterior of the car is definitely designed as a proud product of Jeep with its trademark seven-slotted grill and the trapezoidal wheel wells. However it also strikes out on its own in the style department with an optional Black roof, chrome trim that does wonders for the grille, headlamps, roof rails and the trim on the side window. The other amazing feature of the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s outward design is the CommandView Duel-Pane Panoramic Sunroof on the Summit edition of the SUV allowing for more light and fresh air.

black jeep grand cherokee side panel

When the Uconnect App pairs with the SiriusXM Guardian system you have direct access to a number of safety features at your fingertips. In case of accident you can push the SOS button and you will be connected to an agent who will connect you to 911 emergency services. You will be able to start, lock and unlock your car remotely, locate it with the Vehicle Finder and select a destination on your navigation system. You can even find your SUV on your own when you flash its lights and sound its horn from a distance. That will sure get peoples attention!

On top of that you can receive alerts through the Theft Alarm Notification and Stolen Vehicle Assistance. However if the thief in question happens to be a young adult who abodes in your home a boundary alert will go off when on the other side of it and the Curfew and Speed alerts will sound if they miss said curfew or take your car on a fast joy ride. Needless to say if they expect to get behind the wheel of your Jeep Grand Cherokee they better take care of it.

silver jeep grand cherokee in water

This will be an easier task for parent and teenager alike with the All-Weather 4×4 power at your disposal. The Selec-Terrain Traction Management System has a choice of five settings to select letting your traction control match appropriately with driving conditions. The five settings are auto, snow, mud, sand and rock, which coordinate with the 12 vehicle systems. These include throttle control, electronic stability control, transmission shifting, transfer case and traction control. In addition an available Sport Mode allows you to utilize a much stronger traction and is activated at the touch of a button.

For all these reasons the Jeep Grand Cherokee is an exceptional choice of vehicle but the icing on the cake, or rather the badge on the car means that it is also available as Trail Rated. The trail rated engineering for off road performance means the vehicle is evaluated for capability of traction, articulation, manoeuvrability, ground clearance and water fording. Simply put Trail Rated vehicles are able challenge the landscape and conditions it encounters, which goes a long way to making drivers and passengers safer.

The other thing that contributes to the capability of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is of course the power under the hood. This vehicle comes with a number of options each with their own advantages.

  • 3.6-litre Penstar engine is Canada’s best selling engine that can haul up to 2,812 kg when equipped properly, It has a variable valve timing V6 engine and a fuel efficiency of 9.6-litre per 100km
  • 5.7-litre Hemi VVT V8 engine is legendary in itself with a towing of up to 3,265kg, 360 hp and 390lb-ftof torque.
  • 6.4 SRT V8 engine is a monster pumping out 475 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque. It also is great on fuel efficiency with its FuelSaver technology.
  • 6.2-litre Supercharged V8 engine may be the fastest and most powerful SUV made with 707hp.

It is clear the Jeep Grand Cherokee is not just grandiose in title but in terms of performance, capability, power and speed as well as its signature head turning style, and you have the option to purchase this mechanical marvel as the Grand Cherokee Laredo, Upland, Altitude, High Altitude, Limited, Limited X, Trailhawk, Trackhawk, Overland, Summit or SRT so the choice is yours!

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