Everything You Need to Know About the Ram 1500

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Ram 1500 truck towing a boat by the lake in Mississauga, Brampton

The 2021 Ram 1500 has heralded a new age of Dodge. The image of a strong mountain-traversing ram with immense horns and rock splitting hooves comes to mind. Now with the new addition to the Ram family this mascot has never been more evocative of its namesake. Over the last 30 years Ram has climbed to the top of the food chain as 8 out of 10 light duty pickup trucks continue to be sold to consumers in this time frame. They have stood strong and more than any other pickup they have maintained their hold and remained on the road.

This truck is a multitasking maniac from the get go. It has been working over time strutting itself on the world stage. The Ram 1500 drove away with the award for the best pick up truck at the tenth Annual Hispanic Motor Press (HMPA) held at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show. It also managed to snag a Top Safety Pick+ honour from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and this was big as the 2021 Ram 1500 is the very first full sized pickup truck to receive one. Let’s just say this truck came here to compete! And it comes dressed in a number of trims for the occasion.

Ram 1500 Trim Levels

  • Big Horn Truck Crew Cab
  • Big Horn Truck Quad Cab
  • Sport
  • Rebel
  • Laramie
  • Laramie Longhorn
  • Limited
  • Eco diesel
  • Longhorn
  • Tradesman
  • Rebel

The Ram 1500 certainly scores high in a number of vital areas in the automotive industry. It has been labelled as a truck with Class-Leading luxury for one and has proved itself in the areas of comfort, capability and style. With a CV like that I’m sure it has the competitors talking. Towing is a cinch for this road travelled warrior and with its finely honed aerodynamics the Ram shoots straight as an arrow. The technological up-grades are also significant, for example the largest touchscreen multi media centre with full colour on a 12-inch screen. It also has tablet holders for the small or large backseat passengers, talk about moving with the times.

Speaking about the interior and its passengers the Ram 1500 has legroom for days, it amounts to 1,145mm to be exact. Whether the passengers are your munchkins or your pals from work they will find the 8-degree reclining seats very agreeable. They will also appreciate the fold down rear centre console for a coffee or bowl of Cheerios as the case may be. Lastly the backseat fold down head rests and the rear flat load floor creating more room will both be convenient.

The Ram offers 12-way power bucket seats that have a four way lumbar adjust for anyone who complains about back pain, and the four-way front head rests to match. The front console can be reconfigurable as an available option. In terms of climate control front and rear seats have three levels of adjustable heating and ventilation available.

While we are milling about the interior of the truck is also worth pointing out that all passengers will appreciate the gentle LED lighting and sleek design using real wood and leather in the Limited and Laramie Longhorn. This leather-trimmed interior design gives you an option of all black or a light frost/indigo colour scheme. Attention to detail, check.

The Ram 1500 has raised the bar where technology is concerned, and the system on board the Ram offers effortless entertainment, communication and convenience. Using the new generation of award winning Uconnect 4C Navprograms like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto as well as the SiriusXM, SiriusXM Guardian and SiriusXM Traffic providing services such as commercial-free music, weather and of course a glimpse of the busy roads ahead to plan your ideal route.

Whether the road ahead is packed with long weekend vacationers or open as far as the eye can see the Ram 1500 can move you and your cargo, up to 18,350-lbs of it. You may just decide it is time for that trailer or camper trailer, especially as this pick up is packed with safety features that will make the drive far more relaxing. With the Ram keeping an eye on the road for you, you can be sure it has you covered with the following features.

ram 1500 towing an airstream camper

Cameras are mounted on the external side view mirrors that identify road lines to monitor the vehicles position and motion. If the truck has drifted beyond the road lines and you have not employed the indicator it will let you know. And there is another neat little available feature, which could be quite useful. For instance if you are a bit busy mediating road trip conflict or finding a station that doesn’t offend your musical preference then it will align the vehicle for you!

The adaptive cruise control will also be handy as when the Ram hits its stride and all is clear ahead this option will maintain the speed and when traffic slows to a crawl it will again adjust. When traffic turns to a stop and go routine the system can actually stop the truck all by itself and then politely suggest that you hit the Resume button or tap down on the gas to resume the appropriate set speed as the traffic goes again.

The forward collision warning system can also help you avoid an accident. Using radar and video sensors when you approach another vehicle, or perhaps a moose that has wandered into view too quickly you will hear and see warnings. The truck can then actively put on the breaks. In the case of a moose if you know your wildlife you just screech to a halt and don’t expect to proceed until that bull is good and ready to move on. Don’t get out of the truck. You can tinker with this systems sensitivity or just turn off the brake support.

Blind spot monitoring with trailer detection uses the side mirrors, lets you know when you are passing the moose and changing lanes, and also takes the length of the trailer into consideration. Lastly the rear cross path detection activates when reversing to monitor the objects around you. It uses a duel wide-band radar sensor which will trigger lit up icons on the outside mirrors and audible warnings.

With the safety features alone the Ram 1500 has so much going for it, and the following features only add to the trucks capabilities.

Ram 1500 Fantastic Features

  • Class IV towing and receiving hitch
  • Multifunctional tailgate
  • Combined weight rating
  • Air suspension technology
  • Smart front suspension stabilizer bar
  • Progressive –rate rear springs level
  • Rear-axle thermal management system
  • Rear multilink coil spring suspension
  • 98% steel frame
  • Electronic parking break

Structural Safety Features

  • Side impact door beams
  • Splayed frame rails
  • Multistage air bag technology
  • Dynamic front crumple zones
  • Tire blockers
  • Massive main breaks

The power in the body of this beast is evident, but the power under the hood is just as notable. There are three fantastic options when it comes to the engine. The 3.0-litre EcoDiesel V6 that gives you 14% more torque at 12,560-lb, easy handling, a 5,697 max towing capacity and 8% more horsepower at 260. It has redesigned cylinder head intake ports that boost the fuel economy and performance.

The 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 gets an even bigger power boost thanks to its new eTorque technology with a broad rpm range, which is 305-hp. It is almost 90% of the peak amount of torque at 269-lb available at 1,800 to 6,400 rpm. It has a max towing capacity of 7,730-lb. The mild-hybrid powertrain, belt starter-generator system and 48-volt lithium-ion battery gives you the start and stop, regenerative breaking and electronic power features. Lastly the 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 is also available with 27MPG and the eTorque system delivering 395-hp and 410-lb of torque and a max towing capacity of 12,750-lb.

ram 1500 iihs top safety pick

The path has been determined for this grand new version of the 2021 Ram 1500 and it will be an adventures dream come true. So get ready to haul what you need up that mountain, avoiding the moose and listening to some wicked road trip tunes and getting there in style. The ride will be smooth and comfortable and I hope the company will be nothing to bleat about.

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