Faulty human judgement meets its match in the Chrysler Town & Country

We're only human, which is why vehicles are
becoming more and more autonomous. Do we want the driver engagement and
excitement to be completely misappropriated by technology? Absolutely not.
Would we like for automotive innovations to make driving safer, perhaps
ultimately eliminating most types of car accidents for good? Of

That's why we here at Ontario
are big fans of 2015
Chrysler Town & Country
and its electric brake assist system.
It works to counteract the error of human judgment in the event of an impending
collision. Find out how it does this when you check out the quick how-to video

And while we hope you never have to experience
panic braking for yourself in a real-world situation, we do want you to be
prepared for what is most likely the inevitable. We invite you to try out the
2015 Town & County and all of its safety and convenience features for
yourself when you stop by our Mississauga Chrysler
at your convenience.

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