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While Jeep has long been known for strength, durability, reputation and innovation, it hasn’t always been known for being highly fuel efficient with low emissions. FCA is looking to change all that with its plug-in hybrid versions of the Jeep Renegade and Compass. So, Mississauga, Brampton, Barrie and Oakville, if you love your Jeep and you also love the environment, this is like a chocolate-covered peanut butter cup for you. Unless you’re allergic to peanuts, in which case let’s call it a nut-free chocolate cake with raspberry coulis and a dollop of whipped cream. Dairy or non-dairy—your choice. Let’s just say 2020 may be an exciting year for you.

Using plug-in optimized batteries, Jeep was able to squeeze out almost 50 KM of EV only range and got up to a top speed of over 130 KM an hour on EV only.

The winning system combines a turbo-charged 1.3 litre gas engine with an electric motor that together kick out 240 HP of hold-on-to-your-bloomers. Combined, they have enough chutzpah to get from 0 to 100 KM in less than seven seconds.

By EU measuring standards, the Jeep’s emissions are lower than 50g/KM, which is significantly lower than the 2020 EU target of 95g/KM. Huzzah!

Jeep and few Toyotas use a dedicated rear motor to power the rear wheels, allowing for more accurate proportioning of the torque split for more control.

The Renegade and the Compass will have a dedicated instrument cluster and infotainment system set-up specifically for this system.

As for where all this is taking place, we hear it will happen at the Melfi, Italy plant. At the moment, there is no confirmation the Jeep Renegade or Compass will be hitting North America, but we can dream, right?

Where is Ontario Chrysler located?

We are at 5280 Dixie Road in Mississauga.

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