Fiat Chrysler Partners with Amazon to Sell Cars Online

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Toronto and Mississauga shoppers are so used to researching vehicles online, that being able to purchase your own car online just with one click seems like the next logical step. Fiat Chrysler and Amazon have now partnered to sell cars online and take that giant step forward.

Purchasing vehicles online is quite a leap in the automotive buying experience however, and the Amazon-Fiat Chrysler partnership will enable three models to be sold online in Italy – the 500L, the 500 and the Panda. The way it will work is that after buying a car online, the buyer will be contacted directly by Amazon to finalize the deal and arrange for vehicle pickup within two weeks.
Apparently in France, the process entails paying a down payment for the car on Amazon and then paying a balance after a telephone interview. Either way, this signals an end to the haggling that often goes on when buying a vehicle in person, where upsells and unexpected bargaining can now occur. In effect though, shoppers are still paying a car dealer and picking the vehicle up from a dealer, with Amazon acting as the middleman only.
Amazon is on the cutting edge of state-of-the-art advancement in many different spheres, first innovating its head office Amazon workplace and then launching Amazon Vehicles that offers everything but enabling shoppers to buy a car online. Enter Fiat Chrysler into the game, and buying a vehicle online has become a reality. Now launched in Italy, we anxiously await the day when it will become a possibility for us all.
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