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First Chance to Experience Self-Driving Uber Cars Offered in Pittsburgh

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a ride in an Uber self-driven car? If you’re curious about this, you may be very interested to know that the self-driven Uber car is here! Atleast, in Pittsburgh it is.
Pittsburgh Uber is launching six Volvo XC90 self-driving cars on its roads this month. Although Uber customers will have to opt in to ride in a self-driving Volvo, when they get picked up by one randomly, the ride will be free during the initial test phase. The way passengers will see a self-driving Uber vehicle coming to get them is through a large sensor package that’s visible on the roof – and the driver’s hands not being on the wheel.
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Currently an Uber employee will sit behind the wheel of the self-driving Volvo XC90 and a co-pilot will sit in the passenger seat. $300 million is being invested in the project by Volvo and Uber, with both companies being free to work with other firms to provide more of the same or similar services.
As part of Uber’s expansion plans, a self-driving truck startup called Otto was recently acquired. In May, Uber initially announced that mapping Pittsburgh for self-driving vehicles was being done, and last Spring Carnegie Mellon University researchers in robotics were hired to take part in developing the self-driving vehicle. Many automakers such as General Motors, Tesla and Ford are all planning to have autonomous car services.
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When Americans were polled about whether they’d be willing to be driven in a fully self-driven vehicle, only 48% said they would. How do you feel about this – would you willingly jump into the back seat of a self-driving Uber car in Toronto?

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