Futuristic Apple Car Design Vision Gets Attention from Automotive Enthusiasts

Nothing can suppress the imagination of a designer like Garrett DeBry when put in front of a new electric Apple Car concept to bring to life. Full of an iPad or iPhone look and complete with the Apple logo on the front, back and all four wheels, the Apple Car creative vision of DeBry includes the capability of experiencing a 360-degree augmented reality, sleek ambient and indirect lighting, falcon wing doors that look a lot like the Tesla Model X, and even a light strip that’s colour coded and can transform into a turning signal. According to DeBry, “the core experience of an Apple vehicle is that it’s as easy to use as possible.”
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Toronto electric car enthusiasts are as excited as we are by the news, and at Ontario Chrysler we’re anxious to fill you in on as much information as we can about this innovative and wonderfully disruptive new concept vehicle. Since last summer there has been talk of a secret Apple Car being planned and developed in California under a code name Project Titan. Supposedly hundreds of engineers were hired to help develop the electric car expected to reinvent the entire automotive industry. Suggestions of the new Apple Car being a self-driving vehicle now resound, and word has it that today’s automobile will be transformed just as Apple disrupted electronic tools with its revolutionary smartphone a while back.
Apple’s visionary leader Steve Jobs had added an electric car concept to his list of what to develop along with the smartphone as early as 2008.
If you thought you were cool wearing your Apple watch, there’s more to come. Owning an Apple Car may be yours to make reality by as early as 2019 or 2020! The Apple Car rendering by Mind Over Eye studio shows the ultra sleek round spaceship-like exterior hiding futuristic features like wearable technologies and wireless charging.
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Insiders say that the explosion of over 300,000 reserve orders for Tesla’s recently announced Model 3 electric vehicle has upstaged the Apple Car. But when a group of automobile enthusiasts sat down to discuss their ideas of what a conceptual Apple Car could look like, be, and provide to the automotive market, it turned out that the sky was really the limit.

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