Host Your Own Drive-In Theatre on Your Ram Truck

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What’s the perfect summer evening for Toronto drivers who happen to have a hitch on the back of your truck? If it’s to get away from it all and enjoy a movie under the stars in the open air with that special someone, the answer to your dreams is here! You can now be in your very own Ram truck and host a drive-in theater for your family and friends with new hitch theater technology that you carry along in your Ram and set up yourself.

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Maybe you’ll find a secluded area of the nearby Lake Ontario shore, or maybe you’ll use some vacation time to drive up to Muskoka or even further to camp on the pristine beaches of Manitoulin Island. Either way, all you need for your own drive-in theater is the screen that will be attached to your hitch, the guylines to hold it down, a projector stand that’s placed on your Ram truck roof and a projector to beam your favorite movies onto the screen. And a dark, secluded area, of course. What could be better to get away from it all?

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Joe Livingston, the inventor of Hitch Theaters, came up with the idea one evening while he was on a date. “I had taken her to star gaze one night, several miles out of town and we decided to pull out my laptop and watch a movie under the stars,” he told Digital Trends, who initially reported the story. The idea for utilizing a truck to mount a portable drive-in just blossomed from there. “The light above my head went on and I realized I was onto something,” he said.
The screen, frame, guylines and everything required for the portable drive-in kit comes together in one package and packs down into a small portable bag about the size of a large camping chair that folds down. It fits into either a car trunk or the back of a truck very easily. Both the screen mount and projector mount are also available, allowing you to set up your own drive-in movie just about anywhere.


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