How Could a Beautiful Little Fiat 500 Survive THIS?

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You can think about a cute little car, and then you can consider a strong cute car. That’s the Fiat 500. Recently a Fiat 500 survived being sat on by a driver-less Volkswagen SUV. The Fiat 500 did just fine! It came out of the adventure completely in tact. The Volkswagen slid down a hill and landed peacefully on the Fiat 500!
The police in Glasgow were called to a weird scene in Glasgow’s west end this past weekend, to check out how an unoccupied vehicle landed sitting on top of a Fiat 500, also unoccupied.
People gathered around the scene because of the unusual sight of seeing a little Fiat 500 bear this kind of weight. The larger vehicle just sat there, suspended and not causing any damage. It turned out that neither vehicle was occupied and no-one got hurt.

It’s just one of those things that happens, another weird but fascinating story!

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