How to Remove Rear Seat, Dodge Caravan

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Maybe your teen is heading off to university or your spouse suggested—rather firmly—that you need to clean out the garden shed. Whatever the reason, sometimes you just need more space to haul stuff. Removing the rear seat in your Dodge Caravan isn’t difficult, but sometimes you just need instructions for the first time. So, here we go. How to remove the rear seat in your Caravan:

  1. Open the tailgate so you can get access to the rear seat. Okay, maybe that one was a bit obvious, but you wouldn’t want to waste an afternoon trying to get it out the sunroof would you? Could happen.
  2. Fold the back seat down and pull the lever on the left side on the seat.
  3. Pull the Stow N Go flooring up from behind the seat.
  4. Locate the black strap on the back of the seat at the joint of the bench seat’s base.
  5.  Use the strap to pull the seat out of the Caravan.
  6. Don’t drop it on your toe.
  7. Fold the seats into the floor.
  8. Open the side doors of the van.
  9.  Look for the reclining lever and pull it, then push the seat back forward.
  10.  Pull the floorboard up in front of the seat.
  11. Look on the back of the seat for the release latch.
  12. Pull it and push the chair forward to stow it in the floorboards.
  13. Go buy yourself an ice cream, ‘cause you earned it, Smartypants!

Remember, when cleaning out that shed, lift with the knees!

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