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It seems the SUV has more than lapped the car when it comes to vehicle purchases in 2018. In fact, it looks like a steady lead. Car advice gurus, Edmunds, predicts the odds on someone purchasing an SUV in 2019 will be one-in-two.  Topping that news, though, is the SUV at the front of the pack. Leaving everybody else in the dust is the 2018 Jeep Compass. It had a popular redesign in 2017 and it remains an affordable and fun vehicle. If you’re looking for a new SUV, Oakville, Brampton and Burlington you might want to check out our Jeep Compass inventory.

USA Today put-out a list of the top six vehicles for 2018. You’ll be happy to note that four of the six are SUVs:

1. Jeep Compass

·         Up 106% in sales

·         The most popular smaller SUV on the market

2. Tesla Model 3

·         Yes, the Compass even beat out the Tesla, which had a huge surge in popularity in 2018, but it remains to be seen whether the Tesla will be as popular in 2019

3. Subaru Crosstrek

·         Insiders believe its jump of 31% in sales is due to its redesign for 2018

·         It’s the only Subaru that was out in 2017 that posted an increase in sales

4. Honda Pilot

·         The Pilot is Honda’s fourth bestseller after the CR-V, Civic and Accord

·         The reason for the upsurge in the Pilot is it’s bigger size

5. Toyota Tacoma

·         The only truck to make the Top Six

·         The mid-size pick-up is popular among those who don’t have the need for a full-size truck

·         The hipness factor of the mid-size truck has influenced the return of the Ford Ranger and the birth of the Jeep Gladiator

6. Lincoln Navigator

·         Ford’s redesign is paying off big-time

·         The loaded version of this big SUV is taking away customers from the Cadillac Escalade

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