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Hey Oakville and Brampton, there's some excitement coming out of Detroit!  FCA is apparently re-tooling its idle Mack Avenue Engine Complex to build a three-row version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee for 2022. The Mack Avenue plant sits next door to the over-capacity Jefferson North plant where the Grand Cherokee and the Durango are built. 

Now, that’s all very exciting for the people of Detroit, but what we at Ontario Chrysler think will make Ontarians happy is news of the redesigned Grand Cherokee, announced this past June. It will feature advanced, self-driving technology and will be based on the modified platform of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Self-driving! No more Monday morning commutes to work with one eye open, sipping your Timmy’s with one hand and clutching the steering wheel with the other. 

Technology is going to drive you to work! Feel free to relax, enjoy your coffee and maybe even have that muffin. 

The two-row version, out of the Jefferson North plant, is expected to hit the streets before the three-row version. So, if you’re planning to add-on to your family, you might want to synchronize your calendars.

In other news, Jeep is reviving the Wagoneer for those folks with a little extra cash. It will compete in the full-size market, while the three-row Grand Cherokee will take-on the mid-size market. Also in the offing is an extra-cushy Grand Wagoneer that will share a body-on-frame platform with the most recent Ram full-sized pick-ups. The pair of Wagoneers will be built at the under-used Warren Truck Assembly plant and are slated for arrival before 2022.

We told you it was exciting!

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