Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT HEMI V8 Beats AIRPLANE in a Race!


A Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT recently won a race against an airplane. Yes, an actual airplane! The powerful HEMI V8 in the Jeep Grand Cherokee delivered a victorious win against a Silence SA1100 Twister plane in a race that has astounded the world. Toronto drivers, along with everyone else, are simply in awe of the 1:13:40 lap time achieved by the Grand Cherokee winner. How did it happen?
Well, it’s all about the superlative power of the HEMI V8 engine that’s housed inside the beautiful Grand Cherokee SRT, and the way it surges to 257 kilometres per hour in just a few seconds! Reaching that top speed was just no sweat for the wondrous HEMI V8, which goes from 0 to 100kmph in literally 5 seconds. Meanwhile the SA1100 Twister plane took only 4 seconds to go from 0 to 100kmph, doing similar acceleration in the air and reaching 286 km per hour. Since both started from a standstill and the Jeep gets more power going, at first it looked like it might be unfair. But then the plane carries just a single person with no luggage and the Grand Cherokee SRT carries up to five with plenty of gear, things seemed to even out. 
The incredible race took place in Lincolnshire, UK and the Jeep was driven by a young British Le Mans driver, Ed Morris. The plane pilot was Peter Wells, an aerobatic pilot who specializes in flying planes like the SA1100 Twister. Congratulations to all!

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