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Car buyers in Toronto and Mississauga are always on the lookout for great performance and value, but how much it will cost to insure the vehicle is also a vital consideration. As in the United States, where you live impacts the rates. has an annual ranking system for the cheapest cars to insure, and for the third year running, Jeep scored extremely well. Coming in at number three on the list was the very popular Dodge Grand Caravan.The Sport classifications of Patriot, Wrangler and Compass nabbed fourth, fifth and sixth on the list, with the Cherokee Sport claiming spot number nine.

While additional factors such as gender, your own driving history and what you use the vehicle for can impact the final tally on insurance rates, Insure’s 2016 list provides a solid baseline for calculations.

It used to be that the lowest insurance rates went to compact cars, but those days appear to be over. More and more utility vehicles formerly considered to be single-purpose are being used for family transport, commuting and basic transportation. Safety tests are a high priority; SUVS are safer than ever, less prone to rollover issues and thus, ideal for family use.

What else makes a vehicle more expensive to insure? In urban centres especially, theft-appeal is a consideration. Convertibles are, by design, that much easier to steal, so they cost more to insure. Turbo-charged engines are also desirable, as they cost quite a bit to replace. If a car has a reputation for fast driving, the cost of insuring it goes up significantly.  

It may surprise you, but a high purchase price doesn’t always translate into an equally high insurance rate.  And while your vehicle may be the type to fare better in a collision situation, the damage it can do to another vehicle also figures into the cost of insurance.

We’re happy to report that Jeep has the highest number of vehicles in the top-ten spot out of the thirty-three manufacturers included in the survey. When the car you love also doesn’t cost a fortune to insure in the GTA, we call that a win-win.

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