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She Followed her GPS Directions, and THIS happened!

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She Followed Her GPS Directions

Technology got the better of a Canadian millennial recently who believed her GPS directions even when it landed her in some very cold water. When driving near Lake Huron in a rain storm at night with a lot of fog and poor visibility, a woman’s GPS instructed her to drive straight into Little Tub Harbour by continuing down a boat launch. Even as her car approached the water, the GPS just directed her to keep going. Coast watch puts the temperature of Lake Huron at around 46 degrees Farenheit or 7 degrees Celsius.

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As her car slowly sunk into the chilly Lake Huron waters, the driver quickly rolled down her window and got out of the car with her purse in hand. Then she was able to swim right to shore despite the frigid temperatures. Luckily, no injuries or hypothermia were reported.


Constable Katrina Rubinstein-Gilbert reported that the fortunate driver was slightly embarrassed by the incident but was doing well overall and in good spirits afterwards. She confirmed that alcohol had not been a factor in causing the wrong turn or the car sinking, and no charges were laid.

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Overnight on Thursday, emergency services prevented boats from entering the bay area until the red Toyota Yaris was pulled out on Friday so no-one would run into the car in the water by mistake. The Constable reaffirmed that the fog and rain had made extremely difficult driving conditions in Little Tub Harbour and that’s what caused the driver to make a wrong turn right into the lake. Since there’s a direct drop from the road to the boat launch, the woman would have dropped right off the road into the water with no warning.


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