Look Out Mountainview California - Next Apple Car OS May be Developed in Canada

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When Apple comes to Canada to develop software components of its secret car, it’s a big deal. Kanata, Canada has become a hotspot for Apple’s software team and the rumours are flying! Not only has Apple gained the expertise of BlackBerry’s QNX CEO Dan Dodge, word has it that a whole flock of QNX compatriots joined him in the move to Apple along with several other experts.
And it’s not hard to understand why. The sleek Apple car is rumoured to feature a lot of cool new innovations, not the least of which could be autonomous driving technology. Supposedly Apple has started working on the technology to make autonomous driving the best it can be, and it plans to roll the technology out by partnering with car manufacturers. We can only wonder who those might be. Autonomous cars have captured the imaginations of so many drivers around the world, not the least of which are so many of you right here in Mississauga and Toronto!
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The reason that Kanata has become an Apple car hotbed is that the Apple software team has hired so many software engineers in that Ottawa suburb, opening a new office there from which it is likely to develop its new Apple car operating system. The QNS office is also in Kanata, and Blackberry’s QNS is the producer of operating systems and infotainment systems for countless automotive makes, including Ford, Audi, GM, Volkswagen, BMW and pretty well every other car brand.
Bloomberg has stated that the Apple team is focusing on designing car operating systems, but it’s not exactly clear whether the infotainment component’s software layer will be in their spectrum. Along with this shift in strategy, Apple is not completely sure on the viability of the Apple car project. Some pressure is on for a demo to wow Apple powers that be before the close of 2017, or the whole project could get cancelled.
Although Project Titan, as the secret Apple car project is named, has generated a lot of rumours and speculation, things seem to be changing daily in the Apple Car OS software world. At Ontario Chrysler we are staying on top of the news as it emerges daily! Contact us to stay up to date on the latest developments about this and other trends in new automotive technology.

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