Navdy See-Through Windshield Display Keeps You Focused on the Road

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Toronto and Mississauga drivers will soon be able to let out your inner Jedi, with a smart heads-up navigational car display called Navdy. Just by hand gesturing in the air to the left above your steering wheel, Navdy will know you want to answer an incoming call! Glance over at a Navdy “glance”, and you’ll be surprised at how much these notifications can do to make your life easier.
The valued information most of us live by on our cell phones can be put onto a less distracting Navdy screen that sits right in your natural line of sight above the dashboard. Whether it’s text messages, GPS routes, album art or anything else you need, the nearly completely clear glass sitting inside of your windshield displays it all. This is clearly an innovation to keep us all safer on the roads.
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The notifications you can potentially set up on Navdy include Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, email, WhatsApp and Slack, but to stay alert and keep your attention focused on the road, you may want to set up only the most pertinent notifications. When Navdy comes out of the box, text messages and phone calls are already set up to be displayed – and you can dismiss these just with a hand gesture or scroll wheel attached to your steering wheel.
Navdy first appeared on the collective mental automotive radar in 2014, when it raised around 2.5 milliion dollars through crowdsourcing. With an additional 26 million in venture capital and after two years of development, Navdy has now arrived on the market. It sells for $799, and it makes just about any vehicle look smart. Navdy requires an OBD II port, and it’s important to note that any vehicle made before 1996 may not have one. For Navdy to work, a base is installed in your vehicle and magnets connect the removable Navdy device to it.
Heads Up Display, or HUD, is now where it’s at, clear and simple. Offering the latest automotive features, Navdy uses the power of projection to make your car smarter. Operating as a see-through version of your smartphone that’s easy to see above your dashboard, Navdy is designed to help you pay attention to the road. Notwithstanding many drivers’ law-abiding avoidance of cell phone use while driving, it’s hard not to notice that many drivers still continue to stay in touch by looking down at a cell phone resting in one hand while driving around town. So Navdy isn’t just handy, it’s probably saving lives too.

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