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New Jason Bourne Movie Wrecks 170 Cars


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The Guinness Book of Records may be in for a new winner in its "cars wrecked in movies" category. The new Jason Bourne movie starring Matt Damon is an action thriller that Toronto fans can't wait to see, and it's not only for the superb action scenes, top-notch actors and brilliant screen writing and directing that you've come to expect from Bourne movies. For many of you, it's all about the cars.

You can’t deny that Jason Bourne in a 2016 Dodge Charger just looks cool. Another thing is the sheer excitement of watching awesome characters do what we can't do. We take pains to avoid car accidents, we make sure our kids know all the rules of the road and practice enough for their driver’s tests that will ensure they master the rules of the road before they become drivers themselves. We shine, clean, wax, and buff up our cool cars to their maximum, taking pride in how much they gleam as much as how they perform. We don't destroy our cars, but we love movies where other people destroy theirs.


A third reason is that when we see the movie we are also showing the world that evil-doers who want to wreak havoc aren’t in charge. Their reprehensible acts are weak, cowardly and destined to fail, and they aren’t courageous or powerful in the real scheme of things.
Check out Jason Bourne driving up Las Vegas Boulevard against traffic, shadowing the SWAT vehicle as it moves in the right lane.

Wrecking a total of 170 cars was no sweat, according to movie producer Frank Marshall. He did have to cover the bills for wrecking them, though.
Creating scenes with out-and-out mayhem and full-on car destruction can't be easy. According to Matt Damon, "We would shoot all day. And the second unit would go out and start blowing stuff up," he said. "I would stand at our window and watch. It was like, 'I know it's time to go to bed, I have to get up at 6 a.m. But I just want to see this.' "

Behind the Scenes Video shot by the Public in Las Vegas:

It's not just the new Jason Bourne movie that has fantastic chase scenes that took place in Las Vegas. The spy franchise is known to have filmed car chases in Paris, Moscow and Tangier. But according to Marshall, they have never shut down a main thoroughfare.

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