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Our Notes from Google's Thinkauto 2016 and The Automotive Consumer Journey in 2016

Google’s ThinkAuto 2016 was in Massey Hall, Toronto yesterday; Sep 8th, 2016, and they presented the 2016 Consumer Journey in Canada, here are our notes: 
1 in 4 stay loyal between the thinking step and the buying step.
9 in 10 Auto Shoppers use the internet when searching for a Car;
Most use Google Search then OEM Site then the Dealer’s website comes third 
73% use desktop
27 % use Mobile
Car Shopping Triggers: 
56% want to replace their existing car
49% want a new vehicle for life change
20% want a new vehicle because of technology changes and innovation
20% because of advertising
57% were affected by a TV ad
Dealership Visit: 
Auto Shoppers visit 3 dealers on average: 40% visit one dealer, 23% visit multiple dealers and have multiple brands in mind. 
39% visit dealerships during the Thinking Step 
During the Buying Step they care about being informed and saving time. 
They are willing to travel 55 km to buy from the right dealer. 
Top sources used in the buying step are: dealership visit and Google search. 
3 in 5 engage a dealer as a result of a Google Search.

9 in 10 Auto Shoppers use video when shopping for a Vehicle and take an action after they watch that video. 
YouTube is the number one video source for Auto Shoppers.
1 in 5 were prompted to buy because of an ad on YouTube 
Only 3% share of video ads on YouTube. 
•       One of the Dealers in Ontario that runs heavy YouTube Ads noticed a direct correlation between Video Views and Sales. 
Most Auto Shoppers like to watch 360 test drive videos.
42% like videos of content that inform them about the vehicle.
11% like the “spark a conversation” videos
21% Like “entertainment videos”
8 of 10 like to watch review videos. 
41% like to watch “Vehicle’s Features” videos
1. Desktop is still dominant.
2. TV is still going strong. 
3. Dealership Visit is still important to Auto Shoppers during all the steps of the Consumer Journey. 
4. Customer’s Loyalty from "Thinking" to "Buying" is still a challenge. 
5. YouTube Vehicles' Ads have huge potential in increasing Car sales. 
6. Focus on 360 degrees Test Drive Videos and Vehicle's Overview Videos.  

Google on Having two websites  ( A Big NO from Google to have two websites! ) 

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