Pokemon GO Driver Gets Chased by York Regional Police Helicopter

Recently the York Regional Police gave a stern warning to a driver who was seen driving suspiciously in the middle of the night. “Driving under the influence” no longer means exactly what it used to. Going beyond a reference to imbibing or ingesting or smoking before driving which can get Toronto drivers fined or worse, driving under the influence may soon include being impaired by Pokemon GO. 

It’s hard to believe that Pokemon GO is still causing so much havoc, but it is. A police helicopter from York Regional Police spotted the Mercedes weaving across lanes, turning suspiciously, and driving erratically near a park at 3:23 a.m. The driver did not get out of the car at all. It was enough to cause concern, and it was the police who actually posted the video on YouTube. In the video, the police follow the erratic driver who was driving unusually while allegedly playing Pokemon GO. You could hear the Police in the Helicopter saying:" Hopefully he caught all the Pokemons". 
The York Regional Police also indicated that they’ve received a number of complaints from citizens who were concerned after they witnessed groups of people wandering around in places where they shouldn’t be wandering, and gathering at random areas that caused some alarm. According to Technically Incorrect, an online news source, some Pokemon GO players in Missouri were robbed by armed thieves, and in Oregon a Pokemon GO player was even stabbed while they were playing the popular game. In another case, a sign was reputed to go up on a Canadian lawn telling Pokemon GO players to get a life and get off the homeowner’s lawn.
According to Pokemon GO enthusiasts though, everything is OK and the game isn’t creating disturbances for residents as much as police helicopters are. Millennials who grew up with the famed Pokemon characters are attached to them, just as other generations grew attached to their own comics, trading cards, and games. It’s technology that has changed the game, however. 

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