RAM 1500 Proves its Dominance Once Again

When it comes to the hotly-contested full size pickup truck segment, there are many factors that weigh on determining the very best model for the future. For a group of Canadian auto journalists, putting the models to the test is the only way, so the Canadian Truck King Challenge was created to put the trucks through a grueling series of tests to determine which the best is truly. For the second year in a row, the top prize has gone to the RAM 1500, which has proven itself to be even more formidable than previously thought.

Put through rigorous test with an empty bed, then with a full bed, and then towing a heavy load, the RAM 1500 and its EcoDiesel® V6 emerged victorious for the second year running. Perhaps the most impressive result of the test was the fact that the RAM 1500 EcoDiesel out performed even its own fuel economy ratings, continuing to prove itself as the best option for drivers throughout Mississauga, ON.

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