Back Ram 1500 Truck is Popular among the Youth | Toronto, Mississauga

Ram 1500 Truck is Popular among the Youth | Toronto, Mississauga

The “In” Crowd


If you are reading this I am pretty sure that you have or at least are currently experiencing high school. Good luck to you. It is a period of time when everything gets complicated and to be honest high school is a time period that doesn’t end after graduation. Let’s call it a state of mind and the growing perspective for those under 35 seems to be more and more inclined to lean to a Ram 1500 when considering a truck. Thus boosting its cool factor by a high degree. And while youth is fleeting I think new drivers will find Ram trucks not only fleet of wheel but also built to age well. Seriously though, when a contingent of the under 35 drivers stroll into a local Chrysler dealership in Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Brampton, Barrie or Peel what exactly are they looking for and how is the Ram 1500 meeting that need?


Previously the Chevy Silverado has been enjoying a spotlight in this particular niche but the Fiat Chrysler and Ram Trucks are challenging their supremacy. In fact in 2019 the Ram had outsold the Silverado by more than 10%. This is a defining moment as it was the very first time Ram had the distinction of outselling a Chevy. However if that blows your mind wait until you hear how Ram is topping the charts in areas other than outright sales. Automotive News has kept a keen eye of interest on this and its data has determined that the Ram 1500 is actually winning over more buyers than both Ford and GM in this new 35 demographic, as well. To give you better appreciation for this golden rookie feat Ram has obtained 43,282 pickup registrations for buyers under 35 in the last year. This is according to data from the folks at IHS Markit. They recorded that Ford got the silver, in second place with 40,968 registrations for under 35ers. This left General Motors the bronze metal as the Silverado arrived in third place with 39,181 registrations to purchasers under 35.


This shift in the market can be attributed to a number of things. The climb in Ram’s popularity among younger buyers is certainly to do with the fact that Ram is selling its previous-generation Ram 1500 and Ram Heavy Duty models as well as the new redesigned models. It is playfully ironic that they are marketing the older editions as the Ram Classic, as the new generations are buying them up.


I think most of us remember what it is like to live on Raman Noodles and collect loonies and toonies for laundry day. So this economical advantage of the Ram Classic is giving this demographic a better alternative. Knowing those same individuals, many in the under 35-demographic cannot afford the swanky new rides, this strategy has unsurprisingly made Ram quite popular particularly with younger consumers, but that’s not all.


Ram has also attracted a lot of interest from the in crowd by offering some considerable discounts on the Ram Classic as well as the new, introduced and redesigned Ram. As you can imagine this also helps to make the Ram trucks more attractive across the board, not to mention much more attainable for 35 and under buyers. Interestingly enough last year, GM spokesman Jim Cain accused Ram of “pulling out all stops to win sales,” implying the generous discounts on the new designed Ram 1500. Ram was also pushing short-term leases for their employees and family members to pad its sales numbers.


This can be considered quite an aggressive sales tactics for Ram, which is basically the inverse of GM’s current strategy for the Silverado and GMC Sierra. I guess you could also say go big or go home.  As Ram has made these steep discounts available, to attract new customers into the Ram family and gain market share, GM solely focused on racking up as many sales as possible out of each unit of the Silverado and Sierra. As Ram has used their tactic, GM was exercising a more sage restraint in terms of truck incentives through much of 2019. Although they have been offering additional incentives on the Silverado and Sierra in the past few months. Things that make you go, hmm.


I guess it is not surprising that GM responded to Ram’s pick up in sales like this. The incentives that they offered did help the Silverado and Sierra get some extra street cred and additional retail market share this January. The Silverado and the Sierra did then come in at a 41 percent of increased market share in January 2020. This of course was a huge leap for truck kind from 2019, when it was only just a 36.6 percent share of the whole. Also that was already a big jump from 2018, when they had just a 35.6 percent of the pickup market share.


In any case this friendly squabble between Ram and GM has resulted in a shift in the market to younger buyers, and really secured the new generations of Ram truck drivers. When it comes to many next generations to come that means some great things for the Ram brand and its new drivers. It also means more Ram trucks with more Ram reputation and reliability on the roads, and you know what can happen when one kid jumps into a new truck, lots more will want one too. Just like all the other kids aiming to metaphorically cliff drive into the new market. This rapid shift in sales all but proves that Ram’s savvy sales tactics worked like the first ant at a picnic.


So in that case, welcome newcomers. You have been inducted into the Ram pick up truck hall of fame. Keep it well maintained and shiny. Show your friends, drive safely and be prepared to enjoy your truck for many gloriously wet, dirty, adventurous off-roading generations. Even if it’s just a trip to the grocery store, a late night fright at the drive-in or just a ride around town with the posse.


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