Ram's Top Ten Success | Toronto and Mississauga

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Truck aficionados are a ferociously loyal bunch. You can see it playing out on the streets and expressways of Toronto and Mississauga. We’re very happy to see Fiat Chrysler’s domestic truck division scoring higher all the time with Ram lovers. It all began when the all-new Ram 1500 pickup was unveiled back in 1994. While Ford and GM have tended to favour V8 diesel engines, Ram brings it in nice and smooth with the 5.7-L Hemi V-8 and the also-popular Cummins 6.7-L turbodiesel six-cylinder. The Cummins is an inline six, offering a smoother, less technically complicated engine. The newer “EcoDiesel” engine is a V-6 turbodiesel with just a little less kick than the Cummins. JD Power notes a boost in the IQS rankings for Ram this year, citing a 28 PP100 improvement. Honourable mention also goes to the Ram 1500 in the large light-duty pickup consumer segment. If you’ve always wanted a pickup, it might be time to check out our amazing Ram lineup at Ontario Chrysler.

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