Redesigned 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee for Sale in 2020 | Toronto

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Some things just naturally rise to the top. Cream, life jackets and the Jeep Grand Cherokee, for example. The SUV is the top selling vehicle out there and the Grand Cherokee makes the top of that list. So, imagine our excitement Mississauga, Brampton, Burlington and Oakville, to hear that some automotive spies encountered what they believe will be the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee. As the trend at the moment is bigger is better, the rumoured Grand Cherokee is looking a bit bigger in the britches than previous years. Either that or they stumbled upon the Jeep Wagoneer in disguise, but they were quite certain it was the Cherokee. We’re going to go with that.

New Platform

We believe the next Grand Cherokee will have a completely new Alfa Romeo platform and some beefed-up technology like a mild hybrid system connected to a V6. The V8 will likely continue to be the engine of choice for the 2021 model.

The Look?

The 2021 Jeep was so heavily cladded with false panels, getting any kind of a bead on the exterior design proved to be an effort in futility. We can always dream, though, right?

How Many Kids Can You Pick Up at the Ball Game?

As for seating, there have been conflicting reports that the Cherokee will stick with two rows of seats. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news if you were hoping to get the Schmidt kids tucked in, too, but there is always the chance they will go for a third row. Of course if you were hoping to avoid picking up the Schmidt kids, this may be your lucky year.

Where to Buy Your 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

You can buy your 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee at Ontario Chrysler, of course. Why would you go anywhere else? Tune in this fall for the announcement that they are in stock.

Ontario Chrysler is located at 5280 Dixie Road in Mississauga. Plan on booking your test drive with us.

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