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Self-Driving Hot Wheels Will Make Your Childhood Self Jealous

503 × 360

The coolest thing has just happened to traditional hot wheels that used to have cars you could operate by remote control. Hot Wheels Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently hit the market, and its cars drive themselves on a special track through sensors that read the track gradient. It’s enough to make your childhood self jealous! But what’s stopping you from purchasing this new wonder-toy for yourself anyway? This is the greatest toy for grownups that has come along in a very long time.
A more expensive version of Hot Wheels AI is made by Anki Overdrive, that costs $149.99 compared to the $99 Hot Wheels starter set. Anki has AI-powered cars that either drive by themselves or help you keep the cars on the track with your smartphone while the tiny cars concentrate on racing. The Hot Wheels AI is not quite as sophisticated as that, but it’s a whole lot of fun and it has cars, just like Toronto drivers used to play with as kids.
The Hot Wheels AI Starter Set Keeps it Simple While Also Offering a “Robot Mode” and “Remote-Control Mode”
When you put the mini Hot Wheels AI cars into robot mode, they will actually drive themselves right around the track and even give you the option of steering one of them. With varying levels of difficulty that alter how much the car steers itself and how fast it goes, there’s even an advanced mode that keeps you pretty much the winner against Artificial Intelligence opponents all of the time. You can race against humans, too.
The starter set equips you with two cars that are 1/32nd scale and two controllers, as well as 20 different track pieces that you assemble. When you are driving, you turn right when the track appears too dark, and left if it appears to be too light – pretty simple. It’s a real blast to drive these cars and tune into your 10-year old self again. You feel enough control to really get a sense of driving, while having enough automated assistance to help along with the steering. Hot Wheels AI also offers a remote-control mode that’s free roam, but it’s nothing like revisiting childhood and racing cars on a track against other cars. The toy car game allows up to four different humans controlling cars at the same time.
It’s great to see Hot Wheels enter the artificial intelligence self-driving toy car market, partially because so many of us recognize the name and remember the joys of driving them in earlier years. Although Hot Wheels hired another company to handle the artificial intelligence aspects of Hot Wheels AI, there’s a hidden USB port on Hot Wheels AI cars that indicates more smarts are coming from this great line of toy market fun.

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