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She Thought She Could Parallel Park in Front of a Ferrari 458, But Then THIS Happened

When a Mercedes driver was swerving into place last week, she put so much pedal to the metal and ended up going so fast that she landed right on top of a brand new, rare Ferrari 458 Speciale limited edition. Sometimes it’s better to just avoid parallel parking altogether.
The problem is, the rare limited edition Ferrari that’s worth $400,000 got so damaged that repairs to it are estimated in the tens of thousands of dollars. When just parking your car can cause that much havoc, you might wonder “Why me?” Why is this happening to me?” But the real question is, what about HIM – that Ferrari owner, whose entire world has just crumbled around him. Ferraro owners aren’t only wealthy sports car enthusiasts with access to power and luxury, we imagine they might be Type-A perfectionists too, who want, get and keep exactly what they want and only the very best! 
A Ferrari 458 Speciale limited edition isn’t like regular beautiful cars that many of us Toronto drivers take pride in owning, we’re talking a whole different level here. You actually have to jump through many hoops to get onto the list of new limited edition releases from Ferrari, that’s how sought-after they are by the elites. And that damaged Ferrari 458 just crushed by a parallel parker is going to cost a lot to fix.
Come to think of it, we feel sorrier for the failed parallel parking driver. Having to pay for that kind of sizeable damage could put a dent in a lot more than your hood and front fender.

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