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Face it: no one's ever thrilled by the cold hard fact that a new car loses more than 15% of its retail value during the first year of ownership. And this daunting figure can escalate by as much as 60% in the two years after that. A few things factor into this depreciation: the price, cost of operating the vehicle, and of course, quality. But we have great news for you, Toronto: the Jeep Wrangler is one of the best value vehicles you can choose where depreciation rates are concerned.

The average price decrease for a Jeep Wrangler after 12 months is 7.1%. They also have great resale value thanks to a longtime rep for being the most authentic SUV. Offering great visibility, 4x4 capabilities for off-road adventures and a safe, comfortable ride in all four seasons, the Wrangler is a best bet purchase if you’re looking for a new vehicle. Plus, you can make your Wrangler your own with a wide array of accessories, options and aftermarket toys.

Jeeps last a long time. Wranglers go hard and when repairs are required, parts are easy to access as well as affordable. And as any Jeep owner knows, it’s kind of like belonging to a special club. You see each other on the highways and back roads and give a knowing nod. Not only does she look good and ride like a dream on multiple surfaces and in all conditions, your Wrangler is built to last and hang onto her value.

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