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What Does Lady Driven Even Mean in 2018? | Toronto

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If you’ve perused used car ads in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville or Toronto, you’ve probably encountered the phrase “lady driven” and wondered what it meant. A few decades ago, when women were less likely to drive their own vehicles, it was meant to imply that the car had been driven ever so gently. Maybe even with lace gloves on, at a very genteel rate of speed? Kidding aside, the mileage was assumed to be lower, the wear and tear on the car less pronounced. You know, she drove it to her Tuesday bridge game or maybe to the grocery store once a week. Now, with 1.4 million more women than men licensed to drive, the term has a mixed, almost antiquated meaning. Some car buyers actually head for the hills if they see the phrase, falling for old stereotypes such as women can’t drive as well as men, or that we don’t take good care of our vehicles. Is that true?

Let’s chew on some statistics. Traffic violations among men are nearly double that of women. Guys are more likely to get into or cause fatal or serious accidents. Men are less risk-averse, it seems, with roughly a 3:1 ratio with regard to seatbelt, reckless and DUI charges. Red light running, speeding, it’s a not that women never do these things, but they do it less often. The more women hit the road, though, the smaller that gap becomes. In theory, women are more safety-conscious in all areas of life.  But check it: female drivers have a tendency toward dangerous behind-the-wheel behaviours too. We respond to texts while driving 5% more often than guys do; we love to snack behind the wheel 11% more than our supposedly-hungrier male counterparts, and our addiction to multi-tasking comes with us when we drive, too. Recent studies show that while women drivers tend to be less overtly reckless, we are in serious denial about how truly dangerous texting while driving can be. Unless you have Bluetooth hands-free capability, that chat can wait. And that goes for you too, dudes. 
Women have more small-scale collisions a.k.a. fender-benders than men, who tend to wind up in more serious crashes. In recent years, more and more women seem to be opting for SUVs or mid-sized crossovers, and safety is one main reason. While guys lean toward pickup trucks and exotic luxury sedans, women tend to go for more practical wheels like Jeeps, like the Compass, Wrangler or Grand Cherokee.  We also like our Ram 1500s. Being up high, able to safely transport passengers, possessing the tech that helps us avoid potential hazards and getting decent fuel economy are a few draws of these vehicles. In our own showroom, Jeeps and Ram Trucks are definitely turning the heads of female car shoppers.  
Women tend to purchase new more often than used, with 62% of new cars in the USA being purchased by women. And it does seem that millenials are less old-school when it comes to how they view women drivers:  millennial men see their female counterparts as way stronger negotiators who are much more logical when it comes to purchasing cars. Women take, on average, 75 days to make a decision with regard to which car they buy, and females are much more likely to consult official authorities about the pros and cons of various vehicles before making a purchase. In other words, women no longer opt for whichever car their father or husband tells them to buy. 
If you’ve shared the belief that off roading is the exclusive terrain of guys, Google again. Did you know that women have been racing in Baja, Morocco and beyond for decades? As a Jeep owner, I know I’m more than a little tempted to put my 4x4 Cherokee through her paces on muddy back roads. And when I read about this rally, happening since 1990, I immediately texted my BFF about it. Because Jeeps aren’t just for commuting and taking the kids to hockey. A fabulous number of the women who race in the Gazelles Rally in the Moroccan desert are moms. The rally is open to women aged 18-71. I’m just trying to figure out how to get my Jeep to Morocco from Ontario… 
Considering that it is much more dangerous for women to find themselves stranded on the side of the road, maintenance and basic knowledge are super-important. It’s not enough to have a CAA Premier membership or other roadside assistance program. Read the manual that came with your vehicle, sign up for seasonal maintenance check-ups with your dealership or trusted mechanic, and keep those tires and gas tanks topped up before heading out. If you’re new to car ownership, ask your dealership to walk you through the vehicle in more detail. Your comfort and safety matter to us when we sell you a car. 
More in stereotypes: Women clean the house, men wash their cars, inside and out. This one might be true, gals. Among my own circle of friends, only one guy has ever had to sweep junk off his passenger seat so that I could get in. One of my dearest gal friends might just have a collection of stuff in her car to rival the Smithsonian collection. Another fellow I know routinely removes half-eaten sandwiches from his wife’s car. According to more than one report, we women can go months without hitting a car wash, and as for the back-seat or trunk, well, let’s not go there. I’m going to pin that one on the whole multitasking thing. There are always exceptions, of course, and how you keep your car is none of my business. But keep in mind, if tendencies are true, lady-driven might not automatically mean super clean.   
While more men than women seem to handle the actual purchase transactions, 85% of car-buying decisions are made by…women. If that’s not lady driven…! At Ontario Chrysler, we service our customers equally, no matter what your chromosome combo is.  
Which Jeep is most popular with women drivers?
The most popular Jeeps at Ontario Chrysler are Jeep Grand Cherokees, Jeep Compass, and Jeep Wranglers.  
Are there any good deals on Jeeps? 
You can always find sweet deals on Jeeps at the dealership. 
Are there any good deals on Ram 1500s?
Ontario Chrysler has plenty of deals on Ram 1500s. 
Where is Ontario Chrysler?
Ontario Chrysler is located in Mississauga at 5280 Dixie Road

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