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You never forget your first Jeep. Or your second, for that matter. She stays in your heart forever, maybe because Jeeps have such a rich history, from wartime utility origins to surf culture to movies, offroad adventures and pop music lyrics. And even if life forces you to (temporarily?) accept another vehicle for some reason—why!?—you still wave to Jeep drivers, or give that knowing little nod of appreciation in parking lots in and around Toronto and Mississauga. Here at the dealership, we love making Jeep lovers happy. 

Most people know that Jeep began as a military vehicle in 1941. The brand has morphed and expanded mightily over time, and she’s also had a few owners in her day: Willys-Overland was the originator, followed by Kaiser Motors, then American Motors, which was bought out by Renault and then by Chrysler. There followed a series of mergers: Daimler, Cerberus (a firm with investment ties to Dan Quayle), the US and Canadian governments, and now, of course, by Fiat. And seriously, a Jeep is kind of like a cat: saying it has an owner is a bit audacious.  

If you’ve ever wondered where to find other Jeepaholics, look no further than the Jeepers Jamboree, an event that launched in 1952 in Georgetown, California. And if you sometimes ask yourself how we ever lived without SUVs and where they came from, the Jeep Wagoneer was the first sport utility available to civilian folk. It replaced the Willys station wagon, offering drivers greater versatility with automatic transmissions and power brakes. The notoriously sexy-but-practical Cherokee came onto the market in 1974. Jeep even offered a pickup, the Jeep J-10, between 1974-1983, and we hear we can look forward to seeing another such truck in the future. The Wrangler stands tall as a fan favourite, capable of navigating the craziest conditions on and off road. Plus, who doesn’t love being able to remove their own car doors? My son-in-law still isn’t over having to sell his when he had kids.

Iconic in every way, Jeeps have appeared in numerous TV shows (Charlie’s Angels, Dukes of Hazzard, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, among others) and movies including Jurassic Park (who can forget the Wrangler YJ with the square headlights?), The Goonies, and Furious 7. Jeeps have also inspired many songs through the years, including (but definitely not limited to) Krista Marie’s Jeep JeepSugar Magnolia by The Grateful Dead, and the eternally catchy Jeepster by Marc Bolan and T. Rex. And Rapper R. Kelly may have a Jeep obsession, but we’ll leave it to you to Google those lyrics.     

Whether you covet a genuine classic or you’re excited by the possibility of a 2018 Grand Wagoneer throwback model, we’re with you: when you love a Jeep, it’s eternal. 

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