Woman Was on a Test Drive, Until THIS Happened

A dealership test drive is usually a peaceful and pleasurable thing. But a woman who took out a Mercedes-Benz valued at $60,000, recently flipped it right in a parking lot while she was on a test drive. How could that happen? No-one knows for sure.

We cannot possibly know what she was thinking. Nor can we know what such an individual might have been going through to cause her to put pedal to the metal when she should have been braking. But as a dealership, we are aware of differing personal states among our test drivers when you take out a car for a test drive, and we do our utmost to anticipate any problem before it ever happens.
The story is funny, for sure. How can you possibly turn a car onto its back within a parking lot, of all places? Maybe the driver was tired, or anxious about the test drive. When you get your license you are taken through so many steps to prevent this type of misfortune from ever happening. You learn to get a hold of your nerves, practice for hours making turns, as well as parallel parking, changing lanes, signalling correctly, and accurately gauging the distances you need to keep between vehicles. But when it all goes amok, what can you attribute that to? What was the driver of that Mercedes really thinking?
There is a huge degree of goodwill and trust when drivers come in to our dealership and we take every step possible to help you along every step of your purchasing journey. We also advise what you should do in the event of an accident. Your safety is in our hands as much as possible, and we do our outmost to understand whatever situation you might be in to ensure your safety.
It’s also difficult to figure out exactly what the real point of a woman flipping a $60K Mercedes-Benz on a test drive that’s gone viral is about though, really. Is it the $60,000 down the drain? Is it a reason to question the weight of vehicles that flip so easily? Or is it just a way to ridicule a female driver? Regardless of what the real reason is, the story of a woman test driving a luxury car that she flipped in a parking lot has caught on fire. Toronto drivers can think of your sisters, wives, daughters, fiancees and female friends who all drive. You may need one of them to drive you to an important place one day, and your life may be saved by their driving skills. Maybe they need some skill enhancement from you, to ensure that they don’t flip the car while you are in it. The main thing is to stay safe and ensure the safety of everyone around you.
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